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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Do you have big plans for the year ahead? Dreams you are determined to transform into reality? The New Year has a reputation as a blank slate. Time to start fresh. It’s easy to forget that each day and each moment is also a fresh start, minus the fireworks and new planner. Do…

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I’m not comfortable with __________. Insert something. Anything. Lots of things. How many times do we tell this to ourselves? And say this to others? Throughout the day there are so many things about which to be uncomfortable. How often do we allow discomfort or the possibility of discomfort to stop us in our tracks? We avoid…

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Back to Normal

The house is silent. I take a deep breath. And another. Tears of gratitude trickle out. It’s been nearly two months. There is no boom of inner excitement or burst of joy. Nothing wild and celebratory coming out of me. I experience a sense of relief and a quiet calm. Peace. I note the wreckage in the…

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    For the last few months I have been working on my next book. I am sharing what I now understand about the human experience within the context of living with and caring for a person with autism. Here’s a taste…. Resistance  Kyle was sick a few weeks ago. Not just sniffles. Shivering under…

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All In

If you knew there was a 20% or less chance of creating something you really wanted to create, would you go for it anyway? I’m currently participating in a ninety day program run by Michael Neill called Creating the Impossible. As it turns out, my answer to the above is YES. The intention is to choose…

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What I Know About Knowing

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Fresh Start

I noticed the house was pin drop quiet. Then I heard something. Actually I knew something without even hearing. Indulge. For me, indulge meant going back to sleep after Kyle left for the day. I’d been tired for two days. And I slept and I slept and I slept. Like a cell phone in need of a charge,…

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Shining My Light

The odometer is about to click over from 2016 to 2017. Typically this is a time when many of us reflect on the year that is passing and look ahead to the year that is coming. Over the years, I’ve had a variety of rituals and routines for New Year’s. It used to mean that I…

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The Season

We received a gift of one of those little boxes of meat, cheese, crackers, nuts and the like. After it sat on the kitchen counter for a few days, I scooped it up and put it in my car. This box needed a better home. Perhaps the home of someone without a home. Driving around, running errands it…

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Faces of Wisdom

  Exploring the different faces or flavors of wisdom on Soundcloud.  

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