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I Can Do This


  • Hi Gayle, That’s very timely for me as I have thoughts that lead to many uncomfortable feelings about my ability to set up my own coaching business but you’re so right that we can choose to step aside from them and to prove them wrong. Really well done on taking the plunge and many thanks for this vlog!! XV

  • Great Job! You always fight through your fears and come up on top. You may not do it in as timely a manner as you’d like, but you do it. There are no time limits. I always want to read your blogs, but I usually put it off till I have time to read it and absorb it. With the video, I’m more likely to watch/listen it right away. Good luck with your new venture.

  • I loved what I just saw!!! Congratulations for sharing your precious self with all of us…. you have so much to say and we have so much to learn!! Thank you!!

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