Gayle Nobel


The power of thought. 

Whether it's through her new book 'Space of Love' or her transformative life coaching practice, Gayle Nobel shares insights on change, discomfort, and wisdom in parenting and beyond. 

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Space of Love

What if the stress and strain you feel isn’t coming from the condition of autism, your child’s behavior or challenges, or the obstacles in your life?

The answer to that question – a new understanding of the human experience – is the gift in Space of Love. This highly acclaimed book is based on Gayle Nobel’s thirty-four years with her autistic son combined with her more recent insights as a transformative life coach.

Through deeply honest and inspiring personal stories and poetry, Gayle explores the power of thought, resilience, wisdom, innate well-being, and love in creating the experience of living with autism.

Space of Love is a book for everyone seeking to uncover their own natural resilience, not just those touched in some way by autism. 


What People are saying about 'Space of Love'

 "Enormously helpful to anybody – not just parents, and not just parents of kids with autism.  Highly recommended!”

~Kimberley Hare, author of The Heart of Thriving:  Musings on the Human Experience

"Space of Love by Gayle Nobel is an uplifting book for parents of children who are challenged by autism or other developmental issues. Sprinkled with ponderings and poetry about the parenting such a life requires, this book offers amazing insights. Sharing her positive mindset in a beautiful format, the author guides the reader to transform the weight of worries and runaway thoughts into affirmatives for a more joyful life. The author’s inner wisdom resonates throughout the book, inspiring hope and nourishing the soul. This is a wonderful companion to her book, Breathe.” 

~Connie Hammer, MSW, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, family consultant and author of Autism Parenting: Practical Strategies for a Positive School Experience - Over 300 tips to help parents enhance their child’s school success.

"This is a guide to the mindful parenting of exceptional individuals, with respect, insight and pure delight!"

~Raun Melmed, MD Co-founder and medical director, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, and author of Autism and the Extended Family.

“I found Space of Love incredibly human, practical, wise, and extremely helpful for parents of children with autism. These personal stories of challenges that face any parent, especially the unique needs of autistic people, will guide parents toward trusting more deeply in their own inner source of wisdom and insight. The simplicity of ‘not knowing’ and creating a space within for insight to fill the vacuum created will be a relief to all who read and embrace your generous sharing of your life’s journey.”

~Joseph Bailey, licensed psychologist and author of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life,The Serenity Principle, and many others.

 About Gayle

Gayle Nobel is an author, transformative life coach, parent mentor, blogger, and inspirational speaker. She has a lifelong connection to autism through her brother and son. 

Gayle has a BA in Special Education and Elementary Education from Arizona State University.  She received life coach training through the International Coach Academy and Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy. 

Space of Love is her third book on living with autism. Gayle resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and son.