All In

If you knew there was a 20% or less chance of creating something you really wanted to create, would you go for it anyway?

I’m currently participating in a ninety day program run by Michael Neill called Creating the Impossible. As it turns out, my answer to the above is YES.

The intention is to choose something you believe to be nearly impossible to create. And something you are so inspired about, you will be glad of any time you invest in creating it, regardless of how things turn out.

So far, it has been a fascinating exploration into the essence of creation. Of how things go from the formless, in my head, a glimmer of an idea, to the form, something I can see and hold in my hand.

Within the first week of the program, I had chosen an impossible project. Actually, it felt more like the project chose me. The ninety day timeframe is what makes the project look and feel  impossible.

After choosing, I made a commitment. Depending on my thoughts in the moment, my state of mind, the C word can trigger all kinds of feelings.

Simply stated, commitment means “I’M ALL IN.” And for me, that comes with a “whoo hoo.” Most of the time. Though not always.

I’m jumping into the pool and completely submerging. Even getting my hair wet. As opposed to dipping my toes in the water as I sit on the side with feet dangling in the pool of try, hope, or maybe.

All In

A leap of faith

my starting point

sitting in the unknown


a willingness to learn as I go


Show up and see what happens

show up to the blank page

the place where creation begins


Shine the light of my project in a direction

then notice what’s revealed to me


Be willing to get in the raft and

follow where the creative flow guides me

figuring it out as I go

sometimes without a plan

sometimes with


Pay attention to the signs and opportunities

that gently tap me on the shoulder

or boldly get in my face


Flying by the seat of my pants

I take my hand off the steering wheel

allowing the creative force to drive for awhile










Feelings, all made of thought

flowing in and out on a regular basis

I can show up anyway

believing them or not

how cool is that


In the moment,

in the flow of life.


A few years ago, I declared I was not going to write another book.

And now, I find myself here, creating the impossible with an intention to write AND publish a book in ninety days.

All In

gayle nobel