Fresh Start

I noticed the house was pin drop quiet. Then I heard something. Actually I knew something without even hearing.


For me, indulge meant going back to sleep after Kyle left for the day. I’d been tired for two days.

And I slept and I slept and I slept. Like a cell phone in need of a charge, I plugged myself in for a couple of hours. When I awoke, I was in the mental twilight zone of a quiet mind. Not much going on in there. And it felt really really good. All the pre nap shoulds and have to’s had been erased from my hard drive. Peace. Plus a dog had snuck in beside me while I was sleeping.

For awhile, that is. Until an intruder came in through the back door. Not literally. But in the form of thought. She began nagging at me about why I was still in bed and when was I going to get up. The feeling of peace was gradually becoming a low grade irritation.  This irritation served as my alarm system alerting me to the intruder.

Something different happened from here. Somehow, I knew I didn’t have to listen. As I might do with a whiny child, I could ignore the intruder.  Try as she may, to look solid, she was merely thought created and this time, I wasn’t fooled. Effortlessly, she melted. Similar to the witch in the Wizard of Oz, but with less fanfare.

A shower and some soup, and I was fully recharged and energized. Both mentally and physically. It was like January 1 all over again. I felt new. Life looked new. Fresh ideas trickled in.

So what if the New Year is just a frame made of thought?

I know, I know, it’s a real date on the calendar. But what if the reality part stops there? And everything else about the New Year is made up? And didn’t someone make up the calendar in the first place? And in different cultures there are different calendars. Ok, we won’t go there for now.

What I’m seeing is that if the New Year is made of thought, then we can start fresh with new aspirations and ideas at any moment.

~After a nap. When the clock strikes 12. The next day, hour, minute.

~When an insight comes to us. When we are inspired to try something new.

~When it doesn’t look like a good idea to engage in something we have been doing anymore. Even if we’ve been doing it for a long time.

~At any time and with the same enthusiasm and zingy feeling as New Year’s Day.

So if it’s seven or a hundred and seven days into the New Year and you’re just not seeing it, wanting it, feeling it, or doing it, it’s ok. You don’t have to wait until next year. Or next month or next week.

Seeing something new and starting fresh is always available to us. There is a limitless supply of the energy that creates our passions.

gayle nobel