I Understand

I’ve been sitting at the computer for about 30 minutes now.

I want to write about understanding. And how powerful it is.


Ok nothing is coming. Really, I’ve got nothing.

I’m feeling very stuck. My writing muscles feel all creaky and craggy. Lots of time thinking and deleting and little time flowing and writing.

What to do?

Or perhaps, what to notice?

A little voice says “psst, just write from where you are.” Thank you little voice. Sounds like a plan.

So I’m writing from that stuck place. Maybe you know that place.  The one where you are trying and trying to make something happen. Because that’s what you’ve decided to do. But it’s not happening. For me,  there are pressure y thoughts creating a feeling of pressure.  I’ve designated writing for this time slot of my life. And…..

“Cmon, create something already.”

I’m coming up blank.  So I think and I stress and I strain. And I decide maybe I have simply lost my knack. The knack of hearing an idea and spilling it out in the form of prose.  Perhaps my well has filled with mud.

I hear voices. “Well, you recently got back from a really amazing coach training in London, right? And the theme of it was creation, wasn’t it? And what do you have to say for yourself? Where are the pearls of wisdom? If it was so powerful, why can’t you create something?”

Those voices aka thoughts are the very things that slow the flow. They are the roadblocks that clutter the path of creation.

They are the formless judgy creation prevention gunk that keeps me stuck. Very little flowing. Lots of overthinking. I’m walking in a muddy well for sure.  I could stand still until the mud begins to loosen. But the little voice suggests instead I see what I can see from this muddy place.


I experienced something powerful when I was in a conversation and listening for understanding. Not fixing, rescuing, advising, suggesting, helping, remedying, judging, or opinioning. Simply understanding. But not JUST understanding. Really understanding. Deep understanding.

Listening from that desire seems to build a space of creation between two humans. Led by my own curiosity, I tend to know what to ask and what to say. This space paves the way for insights to show up for the client.  Brand new thoughts, right out of the consciousness oven. Clarity perhaps.

And a little clarity goes a long long way.

I understand.

gayle nobel