Planting A Seed

Hellllo!!! Welcome to  my brand new shiny coaching blog!

This blog is one of the seeds I’m planting for my eventual website. For now, it’s the place where I’m going to park my thoughts, wisdom, inspiration, insights and vulnerabilities as I travel the journey as life coach. I view this as another way I can serve and support and I’m very excited to be here.

Some of you may be familiar with my writing from my AutismWithAttitude Blog of the last 7 years or my books “It’s All About Attitude” and “Breathe”. I’m still on a similar path only the landscape looks a little different and the dialect has changed slightly.

One of my new passions is the art of coaching which I define as supporting/serving people in creating shifts and changes which have the power to take life off in new directions. Just one insight can change a perspective or mindset and BOOM!, life changes. Diving into this place of possibility with people lights me up!

I intend to make this blog a place where I show up and you show up and we indulge in food for thought, plant a few seedlings, and see what sprouts. I might even get a little edgy and step past a few comfort zones. That’s where the growth lies.

So here’s a digital toast to a new journey. Wanna play? I hope you will join me.

Today’s seedling…

“Just because you have a thought in your head, doesn’t mean its true. Thought creates our world. You’re never more than one thought away from a whole new experience of being alive.” ~~ Michael Neill,

gayle nobel