Another Fresh Start


Welcome to the brand new blog.

My newest book, Space of Love: Understanding the Power of Thought and Wisdom in Living with Autism, is currently at the printer and due on my doorstep in about three weeks. A month or so after that, it will be available on Amazon, I Tunes and in bookstores. 

New book, new website, fresh start.

At the same time, there are other fresh starts brewing in my life. My husband, Neil, retired in April and is exploring paths to an encore career for himself. Our days have the feeling of new territory. And if anyone is wondering, I have enjoyed having him home. 

A major remodel has given that fresh start look and feel to our home with special emphasis on the kitchen. We are still in process. Each day brings something unexpected. 

The most significant fresh start of all, a new human being, is going to become part of our family in early November. Brand new life. The uncharted territory of grand motherhood. A very fresh start for all of us.

A fresh start has profound implications. Often it seems to come with a spacious and nice feeling. It may also feel like stepping off a cliff and into the unknown. Scary and exciting at the same time. 

On a deeper level, what I've come to see about fresh starts is that each day, each hour, each moment is potentially a fresh start.

It is an opportunity to...

  • do something new or differently.
  • drop something you've wanted to drop and start something you've wanted to start.
  • create.
  • see, listen, and think again.  
  • allow stale repetitive thoughts, to be replaced by brand new ones... insights. 

I love the idea of a fresh start. And I love seeing that something in the outside world does not have to change. A fresh start is available within all of us in any moment. Good news.