Poetry somehow makes its way directly to the soul. We seem to absorb it differently than prose.  Perhaps it is similar to music in that way. I'm wondering if it is processed in a different part of the brain. Maybe this is why it seems to bypass the intellectual, analytical mind thereby connecting with a deeper place within ourselves. 

That said, I've had so much positive feedback about the poetry sprinkled throughout "Space of Love". I must say I've been a bit surprised by it. People are encouraging me to write more. 

Here's something I found in a file on my desktop that hits home for me today. Perhaps you can relate. 


I show up to the screen

Nary a zing, ping or spark

Nothing to write

Feeling completely in the dark


In this space of nothing

I tend to feel scared

In the world of creativity

My cupboard is bare


I hear “Just start”

Type what comes to mind

Without much thought

The words I’ll find


I start where I’m at

Empty but not blank

An idea trickles out

From the creation bank


Pretty soon I’m transported

The words begin to flow

Where do they come from?

Don’t really need to know


They come with a feeling

At one with the page

I go a bit deeper

I fully engage


Time stands still

I step out of the way

Something else takes over

This makes my day


No fixing or judging

I write, write, write

Loving the process

My sparks ignite


Not sure why I worry

When I first start out

That space of nothing

Is where it all comes about


gayle nobel