A Crack


Inspired by a conversation with another coach about the nature of well being and the misunderstanding or illusion that it comes from outside of ourselves.

Readers keep encouraging me to write more poetry, so here you go…

It just takes a crack

in the sidewalk of our awareness,

within our current experience, 

to see

and feel 

something different. 

In the most difficult situations

there are slivers,

moments within moments

in which to experience


To experience

the well being of us,

perhaps another.

Inner peace,


never leaves.


It only gets


beneath piles

and piles

of thought.


It only takes a moment

for thought to clear and settle,

and for us to 




our well being.

Perhaps a sliver, 

a tiny crack.

Perhaps an expansive opening, 

a large space.



with a kaboom

Well being,

innate to humans.

We misunderstand

believing we must 

go on a search for it.

drink something

eat something

change something

do something

find well being

All along 

it sits inside of us.

In fact,

it is woven within the fabric of us.

We don’t need to add,

only to subtract.

We don’t need to try,

only to allow.

The clouds will pass

in the flow of life.

The thoughts will pass

in the flow of the mind.

new clouds

new thoughts

(perhaps less)

coming around the corner


Sitting quietly, 

well being is

waiting for its turn

to shine through.

To be noticed by our awareness,

to be experienced through our consciousness



even lovingly,

like a tiny jewel.

No tools needed to find it.

Always there,

waiting to be uncovered,

the outer layers chip

on their own,

no chisels required.

Dust blows away


on its own,

no wind required.

We are then left to experience

the grace and beauty of being human.

With all its ups and downs,

there is always

a sliver

a crack

and poof, 

there’s well being.

It never left.

gayle nobel