Winter sunlight streams through shear curtains 

The sage green nursery is quiet

Curled up in my arms, little Henri sleeps

Like music,

the sound and feel of his rhythmic breathing


In the moment

I am aware of something very special

A space of love,

our space of love

The day is just beginning

Out of my normal routine,

transplanted to my daughter’s home,

I came to meet my grandson

In love at first sight with this little guy

As I sit, 

a strong sense washes over me

This is enough

This moment is enough

I breathe, he breathes

I love, he loves

No doing or flurry of activity

One soft moment 

followed by the next






I don’t question

Am I enough?

Am I doing enough?

Is this moment enough?

Because I know

like I know my name

It’s a given




Everything is enough here

What if we are always enough?

And what we are doing in each moment is enough?


The calm ones

The confused ones

The busy ones

The stops and starts

The pauses

Like music, 

the pauses between the notes of life,

always enough

What if we knew this deep in our core?

This always enough ness

And when the questioning thoughts arise,

we let them pass through?

Until we settle back to what we know

We do enough

We are enough

And love, 

definitely enough

gayle nobel