Happy New Year (2016)

Each year for the last few years I have written a blog about choosing a word for the year. A touchstone, a theme, a word to guide and inform the upcoming year. The antidote to the New Year’s Resolution. I carefully thought out what my word “should” be and invited readers to do the same.

A year later and I have forgotten last year’s word.

And, the thought of choosing another word is a big “meh”. Not feeling it.

Sometimes I answer some questions in my journal reflecting on the previous year and setting my sights on the year to come. Feels like too much work this year. More “meh”.

For me, the past year stands out as one where I learned to trust my intuition and hear and follow my inner guidance system more than ever before.

“I’ll know when I know” played out into a theme I never would have predicted last January 1. I played with deciding not to decide. In doing so, I became more attuned to the murmurs of my inner wisdom and when the time was right, acted from there. Some powerful (and effective) decisions were made from this stance.

2015 has been a wild ride with a few big ups and a few big downs. Life has tossed me around a bit and I have walked through it, for the most part, with grace. When I didn’t listen to my inner wisdom on the first nudge, it just kept knocking.

I’m slipping quietly into the New Year. Going low key.

What speaks to me today, January 1, 2016, is a continuation and acknowledgement of where I’ve been for the last few months…….

Follow the Breadcrumbs

There’s a lightness and simplicity to this mantra.

Less effort. Less thinking. More flowing. More trusting.

This feels really really good.


“When we give our power to make choices to an outside source like the first day of the new year, we’re forgetting that we’re creating the experience of that milestone date via our own thoughts.

Yep, we are THAT creative. 

And when we remember that, we become more aware of our opportunity to create, to choose, and to change in every single moment. To thrive!”

~~Lian Brooke-Tyler, Happy School

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