Slow Motion Moments

There has always been a schism of sorts. A feeling of a divide in our family. Us and the girls. Us and Kyle. The girls and Kyle? Not so much.

This family dynamic was put in motion very early when Kyle’s 1:1 therapy took place in his bedroom. Hours, days, and years ticked by. The girls were out having a life. Kyle’s life was in his room. Small. There was a method to the madness which made sense for awhile. As years went on, it stopped feeling like the thing to do.

My kids are adults now.  Kyle has a life outside his room. Thank goodness. The girls are out on their own in different states living their lives. Kyle still lives at home.

Leah is a singer and Kyle listens to her music all the time.

Despite a busy evening and last minute guitar restring, she kept her promise to serenade Kyle.

His birthday gift

A concert for one

By one

10:30 PM

As a music lover, Kyle soaked it up.

As a  person with autism, his outer response was not immediately visible.

But when she finished the first song, his grin was priceless.

A moment for Kyle

A moment for Leah

A moment for me

A precious connection point

Leah giving, Kyle receiving

Me observing, feeling

Sweetness filled the room

A string of slow motion moments

As exhausted as I was, I felt that place inside all of us.


It looks to me like this is where life’s elixir resides.

Weeks later,  I’m still smiling inside.

gayle nobel