GS or SS

Just going to come right out and say this. I’m still trying to figure out who I am as a coach.

And come to think about it, I’m still figuring out who I am as a human. Feels good to set the record straight with myself. And don’t mind letting you guys know either.

When I first set out on the journey to become a coach via “formal” training, I was focused on the horizontal line. The line that led to goals attained, obstacles shoved out of the way, happy feelings replacing crappy feelings, dis empowering beliefs replaced with empowering beliefs. I knew I could help people with that because I was “good” at doing that in my own life. And I had  “formal” training.

Toward the end of my formal training and in the beginning of my less formal, but more powerful training, I discovered the vertical line. The line where who we are, how we show up in the world, lives. The line where it’s about how deep we go, not necessarily how far. The line called consciousness.

Changes and shifts and new ways of seeing things at this level can create big leaps on the horizontal lines but without so much effort, striving, straining and forcing. I’ve experienced this first hand. It sometimes has a very magical feel to it.

GS or SS?


Who am I as a coach?

I create a space for people to connect with me and me to connect with them. And from there, I support them in seeing something. It might be an insight… fresh new thought. A big question.  An aha. Propellant for  their journey.

Or sometimes, it’s simply a feeling. Something less easy to see or quantify. But all of a sudden the person on the other end of the phone line is different. I can feel it. Even without being with them. And there they go. Off and running. Horizontally or vertically. Or just running in giddy circles. Or maybe sitting very quietly in extreme stillness. Knowing.  And then maybe an insight floods in. And they sit with it. They experience it. They feel it. They get it. That magical feeling when you get something you didn’t get before.

And their world looks different. And maybe they are charged for action in a way they have not been in a long time. Or maybe there is a new sense of knowing or peace. Or perhaps, a tiny shift in awareness, consciousness. The scratched lenses they have seen their world through are now clear.

Something has changed. And it has been created without straining or striving. And it can’t be undone or taken back. Because it is now in the fabric of who that person is.

This is the kind of coach I’m learning to be. An SS coach.

I was lamenting at how imperfect I feel at it the other day. My coach reminded me that the real power is in me showing up, as I am, with what I know,  to create a space for another. And that it didn’t have to look a certain way.

And the beauty just might be in  the not knowing. My not knowing creates room for my wisdom and intuition to seep in. And then I know how to be there for the other person.

Not knowing?  This lit something up within me because it’s been the story of my life. Not knowing just happens to be my area of expertise. And perhaps it doesn’t deserve the bad rap I’ve given it in the past.

So thinking that means I’ve got this.  At least for now

gayle nobel