The F Word

The four letter F Word.

We avoid putting ourselves out there, stepping into things that are out of our comfort zone, playing full out in our lives, taking care of ourselves, speaking our truth, releasing the music we have within us into to the world, etc. ETC. etc.


we are afraid we might


Personally, I know I shrink myself sometimes. Procrastinate. Avoid uncomfortable conversations and situations. Hold back. Let failure stop me in my tracks. Heck, I almost didn’t sign up for coach training for fear of failing at creating clients after I was finished.

Failure might mean I didn’t reach a goal or standard I had for myself.

Failure might mean I couldn’t control an outcome after all.

Failure might mean I went for something and it turned out messy.

Failure might mean I put forth the effort and the result turned out differently than I wanted or expected.

Failure might mean I decided I was actually more committed to something else (sleeping in vs meditating, ordering something on Amazon vs writing my blog.)

Failure might mean I stepped off track one day, but maybe I recharged my battery and enthusiasm, to step back on track with renewed vigor the next day, or not.

Failure might mean feedback I need to be hit over the head with.

Failure might mean I didn’t get there. But maybe I was meant to get somewhere else.

How did the F word get such a bad rap?

I was talking to another coach last week and he told me his coach gave him a challenge to fail miserably at something once a week. Imagine that. Seeking failure. In other words, putting yourself out there in such a big way, going for the impossible, in search of failure.

In search of learning.

In search of growth.

In search of playing the game of life full out. Hmmm.

Instead of viewing failure as my enemy, what if it was my friend? My teacher. My mentor. A badge of honor.

What if failure was my high octane fuel to work, play, live and love fully? My power source for awesomeness?

I don’t typically give advice. Today I can’t help myself.

Fail, fail, and fail again as you play the games of life. You never know when it’s the last game you’re gonna play.

gayle nobel