The CHALLENGE challenge

In conversation with my coach and mentor, Stacy, yesterday morning, I confessed to being in a lull. Kind of a life lull. A passion lull. Perhaps a post vacation regrouping lull. Not sayin that life is an easy cake walk. Not sayin that good things haven’t been coming my way (new clients, new conversations, son Kyle in a settled place this week, good health, etc. etc.) but just feeling flat and uninspired and a bit blah.

Stacy suggested that perhaps my creator wants to be let out to play. My creator is the part of me that likes to start new stuff from the fumes of an idea. This resonated with me.  My starter chick wants to come out and play after being asleep and going along with the status quo for awhile. She wants to light a fire or two in the passion campfire.

Not sure what that’s going to look like. Waiting for wisdom (new insight) to tap me on the shoulder and tell me she is here and ready for creation and action. In the meantime, I’m percolating.

In this mornings convo, I mumbled something about the fact that I love challenges. I’ve done year long, 1 challenge per month challenges. I’ve done 30 day yoga challenges. 30 day writing challenges. 30 day 10,000 step challenges. 30 day clean eating challenges. 30 day no sugar challenges. Gratitude challenges.

Challenges seem to light my fire and get me moving and keep me moving even when I don’t think I want to move. They stretch me. And when I stretch, I grow. And, I get shit done. Hello endorphins.

I’m feeling a surge of energy around the idea of a challenge. You know, that tickle in the belly, when something catches your inner know er, and says oohhh… that speaks to me. A little shot of adrenaline, the antidote for a life lull. Dark chocolate for the soul.

What’s it going to be? As I struggle (yup, today it’s a bit of a struggle), to get the words on the page and share from the heart, I hear the whisper. ‘Write.”

“What?” “Write.” “Oh, you can do that another time. You do that anyway, don’t you?”

“WRITE.” “Can you repeat that?”

WRITE EVERY DAY. “WHAT?” 30 day writing challenge? 60 day writing challenge? 100 day writing challenge? Write until the end of the year writing challenge?  How far do you want to take this?

It’s starting to feel a little uncomfortable. But also a little exciting. Published writing? As in a blog every day? (did that once) or just write something… keep it lose? Poetry counts.  Public writing would keep me accountable. But I’m accountable to myself anyway. Hmmm, not sure.

Is the knot in my belly excitement or pressure or fear or all of the above?

There’s power in numbers. My creator is raising her hand. She has an idea.

Here’s the invitation….

Join me in playing the CHALLENGE Challenge Game.

What’s calling out to you? What, if you did it for 30 or 60 or 100 days or til the first of the year,  would rock your world, grow your soul, and create change in your life?

The power lies in making it small and doable. But slightly out of your comfort zone. But in a yummy way.  Look to what you love. Look to what you say “oh, I’ll do that tomorrow.” or “I’ll do that when this and this is completed. Or when this and that settles down or ends.” We all know that day doesn’t come and then we don’t end up doing what’s calling to us.

So what’s calling out to you? Sit with the question and listen for the answer. It will come.

I’m still fleshing this out for myself.  Because there’s power, support, community, and FUN  in numbers, I’m inviting you to dive in with me. Even before, I’m clear on it for me.

You name your CHALLENGE, I’ll supply the Private facebook group and daily inspiration, encouragement, and support.

You don’t have to know what your challenge is going to be just yet, but if you’re feeling that little tingle in your belly, and your heart is whispering “yes”,  come on along for the ride.

Raise your hand if you’re want to play.

PS Hop on over to the private Facebook page to join my CHALLENGE challenge group.

gayle nobel