The Power of Thought and Wisdom in Living with Autism

That’s the subtitle of my book. One could easily substitute LIFE for autism.

I’m in awe of thought and wisdom. It has such power, creating our experience of our world. The more I am aware of it in myself and also in others, the deeper I understand the human experience.

I wish everyone knew they were not victims of other people or events. I wish everyone knew it was all an inside job innocently created via thought within each one of us. I wish everyone knew they didn’t have to hang on to old thoughts so tightly.

I still have ups and downs and yucky experiences. I still feel low and negative at times. I just don’t hang on quite the way I used to. I take most of it with a little more grain of salt because deep down, I understand where my feelings are really coming from. This allows them to flow through much more quickly.

I know to wait for negativity and upset to pass for space to open up to hear insights, the language of wisdom. This is huge!

Recently, I was interviewed on a local TV station. How does one sum up such a profound understanding and the writing of a book in a few minutes? I did my best in this interview on Arizona Family TV.

If none of this is making sense and you want to know more, please contact me.

gayle nobel