I Know


A bird sits on my shoulder

Her name is ego

She likes to be in control

Trying to direct life

this way and that

Bossing me around

she is apt to speak loudly

and quickly

directly into my ear

I might even get confused


actually think she is me!


I know something

I sense something

I feel something

Gut feeling



Different words

for the same thing

Ego doesn’t rest much

Leading me in another direction

She speaks the language of personal thinking

Chatty, noisy, fast, insistent

But still, 

What I know slips in through an opening

one of opportunity

a sliver of consciousness

It dusts my awareness with something strong 

No noise

just the powerful energy of a whisper 

a strong whoosh

Passing through, 



Ego must have fallen asleep

for a second

It only takes a second 

to know

Will I listen?

It might take awhile

Ego wakes easily

and wants to have her way

My son Kyle

caught in the middle

is unable to speak his needs out loud

If he could say 

I believe he would tell me 

“Listen to what you know

it is exactly on target!”

Like Kyle, intuition comes without words

it’s a sense

What I know is the epitome of wisdom

the very shape and color of it. 

Listening to ego, 

I get confused

I believe I need to be in control

To force life

To push Kyle

Follow through on a pre formed agenda

(Probably created by ego)

Wisdom takes me in the opposite direction

Reminding me of what’s really important

Without fanfare, 

it whispers 

“Listen to your son”

Who silently leads the way

And has so little control in his world

Intuition does not need to hear words to hear Kyle

Wisdom speaks in the present moment

Ego speaks about the past, about the future

Me, me, me

but not the true self

Wisdom is the flute

Ego is the drum

The flute can be heard

behind the noise

even when the drum is drumming

But will I listen?

I listened today



everything I needed

It’s so simple

I Know

gayle nobel